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The Clash of Clans Background

If you want to be successful and look to get more out of the game, then we have this guide.

We will show you How To Get More Gems In Clash Of Clans. And one of the things that you have to do is invest in virtual currencies. Similarly, in building your own base so that you are prepared against attacking opponents.

This can become very costly over time. Supercell has designed the game so that in-game purchases become inevitable to continue to compete.

The only way without money to counter your opponents is to use a Clash of Clans hack. This is also the best way to get more gems in the clash of clans.

In the meantime, the hacks have grown into powerful tools that do not require downloading an APK file. Moreover, they are completely free of charge.

Clash of Clans Ownership

The figures illustrate and confirm this development in Supercell’s revenue maximization. Clash of Clans is the most successful Free2Play game. And celebrates success with sales peaks of over 3 million US dollars per day.

The Supercell development studio was acquired by the Asian giant Tencent, which, of course, wants to increase its profit again. But at the end of the day, hackers don’t care about the game owners. With the hacks, regardless of Supercell’s financial situation, they want to keep continuing to rock Clash of Clans.

Free Jewels

There are now several Clash of Clans hacks online that allow players to generate jewels, gold, or elixir for free. The offers are usually free of charge and can be used directly online or installed locally.

However, it is always necessary to question whether these offers come from confidential sources. Or only want to know certain data, such as mobile phone numbers or other personal information. Still, the player does not receive any consideration for this.

Besides, there are now also secure online offers, where players can participate in surveys. And receive the in-game currency as a reward. Also, there are plenty of extras for active players within the game, which they can get for free.

Bonuses Within The Game

To make the game attractive to those players, some bonuses will be awarded within Clash of Clans. Attentive players can gain a small advantage over fellow players who start the game occasionally just for fun.

Clearing obstacles is one of the most important sources of how jewels are won within the game.

Elixir and gold are generated automatically. And if there is a surplus, it makes sense to invest these resources in removing obstacles right away.

As a result, there is also space available to enlarge the village. And it is possible to start building buildings immediately.

Although the amount of jewels that can be found is limited. Often, even a find is not needed, but it can always find smaller amounts of jewels. The rewards of jewels on acquired achievements are significantly greater.

Several hundred or thousands of this important resource are credited to the account. But there are already some jewels for smaller achievements. Many of the achievements are unlocked by the way, with a player simply playing Clash of Clans regularly. For example, 100 jewels will be waved when a player has destroyed ten Inferno Towers as part of multiplayer campaigns. For many achievements, there are certain prerequisites, such as membership of a clan. Joining a clan is always useful, as it is the game’s real goal and that the clans match each other.

How To Get More Gems In Clash Of Clans

Players also receive help from their clan, which means they have to invest fewer jewels in protecting their village, for example.

In addition, the best players or clans always win many jewels as a reward that players can invest in their village.

Since jewels are a minimal but essential resource, they are occasionally incorporated into the game as bonuses. With a little luck, players can find a bulging jewel box. Players who play their game very well tactically also plan the use of jewels well.

This resource’s tactical use does not unnecessarily eat many jewels, and enough of these tiles are available when needed.

Tips For Newcomers

If you are new to Clash of Clans, you should join a clan as soon as possible. Not only do the players have valuable tips for newcomers, the members within a clan usually support each other.

This offers great advantages, especially for new players, as they progress much faster in the game than lone fighters.

Especially when it comes to exploring things in the right order or not using the path of yourself. Similarly, experienced teammates’ support is worth gold or better jewels, which you save yourself in the right way. It’s also worth building a powerful army to collect trophies quickly.

Cups are awarded to players when they attack an enemy village, and 1250 trophies can be converted into jewels. 450 of these tiles bring 1250 trophies and are a big boost for those players who have started fresh.

In addition, the gold mining building and elixir collectors should be improved to provide sufficient resources to remove obstacles. However, these resources should only be used when construction sites or urgently needed jewels are actually needed.


How To Get More Gems In Clash Of Clans game, you can either buy them or use a hack. To those who think that hacks are unethical. You can spend your money because regularly, the game makes it virtually impossible to get many gems based on their sales model.

The hack allows you to push your career as a CoC player forward properly and fast. Otherwise, it is also worth working towards certain successes, as they bring in many jewels.

It is essential to figure out the best path to choose earlier on before you commit and are stuck in a situation that you can’t move on from.

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