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This content describes How To Play War Thunder Naval. War Thunder is one of the most popular games for the PS4 for Xbox One users. From the beginning of this game, the developers are providing new features continuously.

The upcoming Knights of the sea mod of the War Thunder game complete the triumvirate of the battleground of the War Thunder. Now the gamers will be able to have the taste of the fight in the sea along with the previous two Land and Air versions. The new edition of the naval mod is a massive move for the developers to get more attention from the War Thunder freaks.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to play this mod in the game. In this particular mod, you may not be able to move your finger from the trigger because this fight in water is also the same as you do from a tank or a jet fighter. Likewise, you’ll see that you can’t stop moving for a second while you’re playing this mod. So, we’ve come with this tutorial article for you about how to play war thunder naval. So please continue reading to know the tricks and play the game like a pro.

Boats On This Mod Are Nearly Unsinkable

The boats that you will find in this mod are nearly unsinkable. You won’t be able to sink your enemies wrestle quickly in this particular mod of War Thunder’s naval battles. But they can be drowned if you can heat a heavy caliber cannon to the loaded torpedo tube part of a boat. Each boat contains a huge number of crew members compared to a jet fighter or a tank. 

So, it is very much hard to wipe out all the crew quickly. You find the ammo racks hidden away most of the time and that makes it harder to isolate and to detonate for you as you could easily do so when you are firing a tank of the enemy. 

The easiest way to drown a tank is by hitting the torpedo. They can only be seen when you are having a close-quarters encounter. You will be disappointed if you find an enemy both and you are unable to sink that before going away from your sight. But it can be a practice for you and you can hit the torpedo of the boat at the second chance.

The best way to drown a boat is by heating the engine. All you have to do is continue firing towards the engine of the boat and knock it’s crews down. It can be tiresome for you if you are firing toward boats like German AF D1, which contains a large number of crew. It has 50 crew in it every time. So you need to be attentive and steady towards your target to have actual kills and knock down a boat.

Try To Target The Torpedo Always

It can take minutes to knock down a boat that has a large number of crew members. but you can easily knock down one if you can target the torpedo of the boat and hit that well. If you are using a general gun or a machine gun and firing towards the boat you need to understand that if you can target the tour operator then it will be far easier to knock down it quickly.

In such circumstances, you need to be in a faster boat. If you are in a slower shape like the Russian MBK PR 186, if you want to fire an AF D1, then it will be likely impossible to drown the ship.

So all you need to do is just spot the torpedo. If you are in a fast boat like US Elco PT 314, then you can spot torpedoes easily and fire towards them. This is the easiest way to knock down a vessel.

Know About Your Vessel

You need to know which board you are taking and operating. If you know about your vessel well then you will be able to attack the enemies and also so can save yourself easily. You should not only go for the boats with all the guns. Because crew members vary from boat to boat. so if your bored have a larger number of true then the enemies will not be able to knock you down easily.

Germany’s formidable armored boat contains 50 crew members, has both two of the quadruple mounted 20mm AA guns and 88mm naval canons. It also has an autocannon of 37mm which is pintle-mounted as well, a machine gun with lagers caliber and depth charges.

How To Play War Thunder Naval

With this shape, you can expect out firing any of the vessels in this mod, but you can do so only if you expose your side in front of the enemies. If you have this shape and you expose yourself to the enemies then you will be very much attackable to torpedo fire.

Where you will be able to use only a couple of guns of your vessel when facing your enemy. You cannot manage your crew members and also cannot use your weapons properly if you don’t know which weapons are available on your ship.

It is also hard to notice the location of the engine of your ship. So if your enemy attacks towards your engine, you cannot sport that and will be knocked down easily. So you need to be properly known about your vessel first.

The combat roles in this mod matter a lot in terms of the ability of firing and the power of your guns. Any of the boats can damage all the boats found on this particular model of the War Thunder. So you need to be wise while choosing your vessel in the naval battleship.

Bullet Drop And Horizontal Lead Plays A Vital Role In This Mod

While you are on the battlefield or in the ground forces you just need to be concerned about the shell drop and the bullet. But if your playing war thunder naval battle, you not only have to be concerned about the bullet drop when attacking your enemies and spotting them but also have to guess and predict very well where your enemy will be when the bullets get to them. This is very much important for this mod.

You will find the same bullets and gun calibers in this particular mode that you already had in the ground forces. But the difference here is your target it is so far from you. You will find your enemies boats two or more kilometers away from you. So you need to charge the horizontal lid and it also a drop of your bullet while attacking them. Once you have mastered these two things, you will be easily knock down your enemy boats.

Find Safety In Numbers

The lone wolves tactic does not work in any of the modes of the War Thunder, but in this mod, this particular tactic is specially destined to fail. It takes a lot of time to take down a ship, and in this time many more anime shapes also gather around you. The other vessels can easily attack you when you are focusing on a particular one.

In the ground forces, a tank can easily be knocked down by a single shot if it is placed well then the lone wolf tactics can work. You can use this tactic and can easily take down vessels like the British Fairmile D 617-632 or the US ELCE PT 314 by a cannon fire if it is placed well. 

Please Be Aware Of Your Throttle

The naval battle of War Thunder is not a mod that is placed in open waters. You will see an iceberg, wrecked ships, and pockets of land around you. So you need to be careful while controlling your vessel. While you attacking your enemies or running your Faisal you need to be careful about the obstacles around you.

You need to be aware of not damaging your ship. While moving, the throttle of your ship is not necessarily down all the time like you are used to doing so in ground forces while moving a tank. If you are moving fast and attacking your enemies unity careful about the directions.

You can easily forget the direction and the speed that you are maintaining while you are firing towards your enemies. If you are firing at the opposite direction of your movement, then be sure about your exact position on the map because turning your vessel back will be very much time-consuming.

Final Words

Playing every mod of a game is a passion for a gamer. Show the new mode of the War Thunder is one of the best choices of the game freaks. If you know the proper tactics and tricks to play the game then you’ll find it easy for you to win. So, follow the instructions mentioned above and play the War Thunder’s Naval Battle.

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