Have You Ever Played Naughty Classroom Game: One Of The Funniest Games For Students

Monotonous classes and classwork make a student’s life dull and boring. A little bit of naughtiness brings back fun and joy. There is a tricky game called naughty classroom game that gives you this opportunity of being naughty in the classroom. You must play it once, whether you are a student or not. You will enjoy it a lot for sure. Today, I am going to tell you about a naughty classroom game. Happy reading.

Is Naughty Classroom Game Online Game Or Offline Game: You May Want To Know

It is an online game. You cannot play it offline or without an internet connection.

Is Naughty Classroom Game Playable In Mobile: Important To Know

Yes, You can if your mobile is an android or iPhone. Check it out that your mobile supports flash games or not. If your mobile supports flash games, then you can play it on your mobile for sure. You can definitely play it on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Make sure that you have installed flash player.

Is Naughty Classroom Game Free Or Paid: Happy News For You

Naughty Classroom game is absolutely free to play. You don’t need to pay any money for this game. So, enjoy playing a naughty classroom game.

Does Naughty Classroom Game Need Installation: Need To Know

No. It is a flash game. You know, flash games don’t need installation. So, you don’t have to install it anyway. You only need to download it. It will be stored in a single file on your desktop.

How You Can Start Naughty Classroom Game: You Must Know

You just need to double-click the saved game file. If it doesn’t work, drag the downloaded file to any web browser. It can be Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. It will definitely run smoothly.

What If Naughty Classroom Game Doesn’t Work: Necessary To Know

You have downloaded a naughty classroom game on your desktop. Unfortunately, it is not working. What to do next? Check out the following things-

  • You have completed downloaded it or not
  • See the size of the file
  • Internet connection is okay or not
  • You have installed a flash player or not. It is a must to play flash games on your desktop.

Does Naughty Classroom Game Need Any Registration: You should Know

This game doesn’t need any registration or other steps to run it. You can simply download and run it.

Rules And Regulations To Naughty Classroom Game: One Must Know To Play It

There are rules for everything. Rules are key to win. You also need to brainstorm for any task along with following the rules. So, naughty classroom game has some rules too. The following are that rules-

  • You have to point and click on the objects to use them
  • Create a pair of 2 objects.
  • Thus, make a combo
  • Don’t get caught. That means you need to do these steps above without your teacher seeing it.
  • Use finger in your mobile or tablet to operate the game
  • Use the mouse to play this game on your desktop.
  • It is simply a point and clicks game. You need to be careful always to do your wicked tricks to triumph.

The Purpose Of Naughty Classroom Game: You May Be Curious About

This game developers have no intention to promote students’ naughty in their classrooms. This game is developed for only fun and enjoyment.

Story Of Naughty Classroom Game: Interesting To Know

Firstly, when you begin playing a naughty classroom game, a story appears in front of you. This is the story of every student, probably. You all may have a crush on some beautiful teacher in your high school. You can give your full attention to her class. So, this game is going to present such a teacher version in front of your eyes. So, this is the opportunity to fulfill your childhood fantasy. Lastly, it is said that naughty classroom will leave you, begging for more and more home tasks.

Hacks To Win Naughty Classroom Game: You May Be Eager To Know

  • Click on the objects when the teacher is in the opposite direction. Otherwise, you will get caught. So, be careful.
  • Getting caught 3 times means you are expelled from the classroom, and the game is getting over.
  • Start playing the game by doing single click tasks. Let me give you an example. Such as

Starting the fan, click on the dustbin, making a girl cry and clicking on frog jar, etc.

  • Then, execute the combos carefully.

First Combo Of Naughty Classroom Game: Insect Combo

At first, click on the insect. The insect is situated next to the blackboard. As you get it, click on the box of chalks. In case you don’t see the box of chalks, check it on the bottom of the right side of the blackboard. Now, the game begins. As the beautiful teacher bends down to get the chalk to write down, quickly click on her. As a result, the student of that classroom throws an insect on her.

Second Combo Of Naughty Classroom Game: Newton Balls And Wind Chime

At first, click on newton balls. If you cannot find them, check in the middle of the teacher’s desk. Then, click on the wind chime as she is in the middle of the screen. Here the second fun appears. It will cause the skirt of her to rip

3rd Combo Of Naughty Classroom Game: Duster And Dart Board

Click on the duster. Then, the teacher will bend down to pick it up. In the meantime, click on the teacher. As a result, the boy near to her will use her as a dartboard.

Last Combo Of Naughty Classroom Game: Clock And Bell

You will get a chance to play the most exciting final combo after finishing all the previous combos. In this last combo, you firstly need to click on the clock to remove the glass on the clock. Then, click on the clock again to speed up the time. As a result, the bell rings. Yahoo! Your teacher will move to the door of the classroom. At that time, she appears near the dustbin, click on the bucket. As a result, your teacher will get wet by the bucket water.


Are you excited to play a naughty classroom game? Who is stopping you? Just go, play, and enjoy to a greater extent.

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