How To Use The Xmod For Clash Of Clans: The Best Tool Available-Take Downloads

If you’ve been a long-term player of the Clash of Clans or are starting to play, you will quickly realize that sometimes you will need help to get through some campaigns to buy upgrades. The Xmod For Clash Of Clans tools is one of those much-needed tools.

How To Use The Xmod

The first and only way is to get the APK file from Xmod. Then the whole procedure becomes more comfortable. Follow the steps below to install the fixed version of the clan collision.

Step 1

Download the Xmod app for Android or iOS and install it on your gaming device.

Step 2

If Xmod is fully installed and working, when you open Xmod, you will see the three options below. My games, mods, etc.

Select a mod and download the Clash of Clans Mod. In fact, Clash of Clans is not the only game available.

Step 3

Launch the Clash of Clans, and you will see a blue animated robot. This Mod acts as a button to access all the features that Xmod is responsible for. Whenever you want to enable a feature, press the right button with your finger.

The Xmod Game

The question here is what features are available for theĀ gameĀ and how to access and activate them. The extra features should help you when better when you are farming and launching devastating attacks on your opponents.

How To Use Xmod Features

Press the blue button to find the feature you want to access. Now you can take screenshots, record videos, and chat with other players. Then press the Xmod button to find the main features of the modified version.

Real-time Trap / Tesla: Activate this feature to discover your opponent’s Tesla trap. This is actually an excellent feature for spying on opponents.

Village Copier: I know how difficult it is to create a solid defense and a nice looking layout. Xmod allows players to copy the village they want to see as their own.

Test Attack: This is one of the most prominent features of me. Players can now simulate an attack before attacking the village. This is highly recommended for Clan Wars because you will not lose a star during an attack.

Treasure Hunter: Players can set gold, elixir limits and start looking for loot. If a suitable village is found, the application will stop automatically.

The tool will help you look for opponents will full stacks and full supplies automatically without the need to click anything.

You have five search options, including the following Dark Elixir, Elixir, Trophy, Gold, and Maximum Town Hall. You can easily set the amount of loot, town hall, or trophy for our choice of wants, and the program will automatically stop if it is successful in finding the meets all the criteria.

How To Attack Effectively

First of all, lets actually take a look at the production facilities where the resources are available. If they are entirely or nearly full, then you can easily farm with goblins.

Therefore, it is actually advisable to keep an eye on elixir collectors or gold mines. At the same time, you should also pay attention to your opponent’s town halls and defenses.

Because when a player has tall buildings, more than likely, he has a weak defense. Therefore, such facilities are usually well suited for an attack.

Use The Buildings To Attack In A Successful Strategy

You should always attack the outside town halls because that’s what you find trophies in Clash of Clans. These trophies help you attack enemies who have more resources without a star. In this way, you actually make sure that you don’t suddenly rise to a league and stay in your league for the long term.

Choose The Right Leagues

Use the right league for farming in Clash of Clans successfully, and you should be able to find many easily defeated enemies.

However, this actually only works if you are in the right league. The smaller the company you play in, the easier it will be to defeat your opponents.

However, you will receive significantly fewer in-game items if you defeat weak enemies. Among the manageable in-game items, however, you will also find substantial items.

If you want to actually get an overview of whether you can farm successfully in your league, you should use the town hall. When you encounter opponents who are also at your town hall level, it usually means that you can successfully farm in your league.

Also, always make sure you don’t go too far in your league. Because basically, the higher the league, the harder it becomes to farm.

Of course, the bonuses are tempting, and you’re trying to secure a lot of black elixirs, but when it comes to collecting as many in-game items as possible, it won’t be of much use to you.

Xmod Games Update

Every time an actual new version is released, The Xmod will stop working, so for the Mod to keep working, you need to update your Xmod app to the latest version. The update procedure is actually straightforward. Open Xmod and update the Mod to the latest available version.

Note: The Xmod works well on popular platforms such as Android and iOS.

Well, hopefully, you’re entirely ready to use this game support application. If you actually find it challenging to use, please share your request in the comments section. We will be happy to help you.

Xmod For Clash Of Clans

Conclusion Of Xmod For Clash Of Clans

For those looking to use this Mod, you must root your android device or jailbreak your iOS device. This is because this hack is not available in either smartphone stores and will not work without the rooted or jail broken devices.

The Xmod can now work with a rooted Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above. However, it will not work and does not support Blues tacks, Geny motion, and all other virtual machines available in the market place. Moreover, you will not receive any bans for using this tool at all.

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