Pokemon Breakdown Blast Online Game Review-Take Downloads

Today we are talking about the pokemon breakdown blast. I know how much game entertains you every day and how much you love to play video games.  Daily, so many talented and skillful players visit websites for online games. The Player has a different category and also different tastes.

Some of them are like playing fighting games, adventurer games, racing games, puzzle games, etc. To make sure that every one of you gets fun and finds desire games. The Pokemon team makes many category games. Pokemon breakdown blast online game is one of them. The game is 0.54mb.

Game Overview

It is a color matching blocks game. It is an online flash pc game. It becomes increasingly popular every day in pokemon lovers and also other people. In this game, you will get a screen that is full of colorful blocks that cover a Pokemon monster, and your mission is to break them down and uncover it. The best parts of this game are there are no adult contents and safe for your children.

Process Of Playing:

  • You have to play this on Pc.
  • You need to find the maximum number of blocks of the same color.
  • You have to use a mouse to play the game.
  • You can break if you find at least two blocks of the same color.
  • Here is a small trick; every time you break the blocks, you must think about its future consequence. 
  • If you break the full wall completely, then they will admire your work.
  • Otherwise, they will penalize you by cutting your points.
  • After breaking the full wall, you will find a pokemon.
  • You have to continue the same process on the other levels.
  • It has a total of 15 levels.
  • Remember, the next levels will be more challenging than the previous levels.
  • You will find three different pokemon in the game.

It is mostly all about the game. I hope you will enjoy the game. 

Pokemon Breakdown Blast

Company Overview

This game creator is the Pokemon Company. The Company is a Japanese company. It is responsible for brand management, production, marketing, and licensing of the franchise, consisting of video game software and other ventures.

The three business companies Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures launch the Pokemon company. It was first operated in 1998 and adopted the moniker Pokémon Ltd. in October 2000. Its headquarter in the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

The Company also manages to publish video games since 2001 with Nintendo. Nintendo manages marketing and distribution. These two companies work together in production, funding, and other aspects.

Why I Like To Play:

I like the game because of the following reasons:

  • It is effortless to play.
  • This game would be best if you had less time to play.
  • It develops my planning capability.
  • It is not distracting your mind from other work.
  • The game does not get me anxious, like other games.
  • It is beneficial to reduce stress or workload.

Similar Games Name To Pokemon Breakdown Blast

  1. Pokemon towering legends: In this game, you will find four colors of crystal on the screen, and the four colors of crystals are kept randomly. You have to move the mouse to stack the same color into a tower. Click the mouse for making a tower fusion. To get more points, you have to collect more crystals at a time. Do not let your tower touch of different colors crystal; otherwise, your tower will break down.  
  2. Pokemon shoot 2: This is a shooting game. The game start story is, they offer you a job. They want me to go the land of the pokegay as well as kill every single of them. After that instruction, you see a town where many pokegay are walking freely. You have to use a mouse to target the them and click the mouse for shooting these creatures. They count your miss shot and how many you killed.
  3. Pokemon-Planet: It is an unofficial Pokemon game. You can play it online. It is bigger than any other Pokemon game. The game creator includes hundreds of Pokemon from different areas, and you can catch, train, and raise them just like in the official games. They give you the option to build a pokemon trainer team, a clan, as well as to go head to head with others in the game.
  4. PokeMMO: It is also an unofficial  multiplayer game, and it is free to play. The game is about to catch, complete missions, battles, and trading pokemon.You can meet up with other players in the world and develop a good relationship through missions, catch Pokemon, and defeat game leaders together. You can also enjoy trade and battle others. The game has four different regions, and you have to brings all of the Pokemon from those regions.


Pokemon breakdown blast is a very loving game, and very easy to play. It is more suitable for kids five to under eighteen years old. Your leisure time is the best time to play the game. You can play the game any time on the internet, and you do not need to download it. Go to the website and start playing. I hope you will enjoy the moment.

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