Why We Love Clash Of Clans Girl (And You Should, Too!)-Take Downloads

So we wanted to take the time and do a Clash of Clans girl guide for the budding girl gamer. Who wants to get her game on with the Clash of Clans game.

We will assume that you have already downloaded the game. And you are just going through to familiarize yourself with the features.

Clash of Clans Roundup

Barbarians, Pig Riders, or Dragons, Clash of Clans are not much different from other browser games at first glance with one difference. The strategy game is only available for mobile devices with iOS or Android OS.

As an exclusive strategy game for mobile devices, it captured many users’ hearts that now defeat enemies together in clans. The game itself is free, but there are important resources within the game without much longer progress.

Free-To-Play And In-Game Purchases

Basically, Clash of Clans is made so that players can use the game for free. After downloading from the app store, you can start immediately. You can play against virtual opponents or online in multiplayer mode against other players and clans. This is the actual real game idea that has millions of players hooked.

As in other games, Clash of Clans has some important resources that often have to be laboriously collected. However, they are essential to progress in the game or to move forward quickly.

If the natural accumulation of resources is too slow. You have the opportunity to stock up on these resources in the in-game store. However, you have to pay real money, and is the main source of income for the game maker.

If you want to be one of Clash of Clans’ best players. You won’t be spared the need to invest money in buying additional resources regularly per month. All the millions of players in other multiplayer games do the same.

The Hunt For Jewels

Among the most important resources in the game are the jewels. You can use then to create construction huts foe example.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives 500 jewels. But you can quickly deplete them, as a hut costs 250 of these precious stones. Players only come to jewels when they succeed or by removing obstacles.

However, the yield is usually very modest. And the fresh jewels are spent faster than they get into the account.

Therefore, this precious resource is also available for purchase. But some ways to get to some of these stones and other resources for free are also available.

Key Resources: Gold And Elixir

In addition to the jewels, Clash of Clans also has other important resources. This includes the gold that can be extracted from mien. You can use the Gold for example, to expand defenses, enlarge the clan castle or elixir camps.

Besides, you need the gold to find other players who you can attack or to acquire flags.

Moreover you can only remove stone obstacles with gold, which can be won by up to six jewels.

There are also two different types of elixir in the game. The normal elixir, from the elixir collectors, can upgrade army buildings.

It can also an investment to expand the magic factory, the walls, or the laboratory. Moreover, the numerous other buildings improvement or expansion is done with the elixir. And furthermore troops also need the elixir to train. Also, only the elixir can remove plant obstacles. Which is comparable to the gold, and which can create up to six jewels after removal.

With the hero, the dark elixir was introduced in the game. It is usually an extraction from the ground and serves to summon heroes.  You can also use it to awaken powerful troops and create various spells.

Progression Is Slow If You Don’t Purchase The In-Game Items.

If you like to enter this free-to-play fantasy world of the MMO-based game “Clash of Clans” by the Finnish game developer “Supercell. “And want to record a faster game progression; you can’t help but buy in-game items for real money.

On the other hand, you try to get gems and other items purely through playful skill. This usually takes much longer, so that you are significantly at a disadvantage. The comparison here is against the other competing players who buy items for real money.

So if you want to try this Clash of Clans game. Then you should ask yourself before creating your account if you’re ready to invest real money in your game fun.

If that’s not the case, it’s hardly worth starting the fantasy strategy game. However, you also have the option to use so-called hacks, through which you can get in-game items for free.

Many such hacks for this game are on the web, but few are real, trusting, and fully functional. So what can you do to find out a working Clash of Clans hack quickly?

It would be best to distinguish a working Clash of Clans Hack from a non-functioning Clash of Clans Hack. To do this, you need to look at the provider more closely. Legit providers will have a real website and real reviews. They should have been online for a long time, and they need to be on social media.

Sites like Reddit usually have many discussion groups around the game. And would be a good place to hang in, and eventually, you will find the legit hacks.

Conclusion Of Clash Of Clans Girl

Let me emphatic the Clash of Clans girl game can be just as good and effective as the boys. We have known girls who are climbing the leader boards and leading their clans over the boys.

If you are a girl and want to try this game. Please do not be afraid because it is not that complicated to learn. It is definitely not just a boys’ game.

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