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The Clash Of Clans Sandbox Strategy

If you want to successfully farm in Supercell’s Mobile MMO strategy game Clash of Clans, keep four crucial but straightforward pieces of advice in mind.

These can significantly simplify the farming of in-game items and significantly increase your chances of better things. Gain an advantage over other players while increasing the fun factor in the game.

All you need is a little experience of the game mechanics in Clash of Clans. This includes, for example, the cost of each unit, what should be considered when selecting opponents, and the importance of the leagues in collecting items.

However, note that these tips do not aim to be high in the rankings or to have the strongest troops. Finally, it would be best to simulate your strategies using the Sandbox to familiarize yourself with your plan before launching it live.

Tip 1: The Number Of Players Is Decisive

If you have one or more items that you absolutely want to collect, you should remember that the number of players is an essential factor influencing the receipt of items. The more players logged in, the greater the competition for coveted in-game items.

So take advantage of the daily routine of the other Clash of Clans players. Farms at the times when you can expect fewer visitors. Therefore avoid the typical peak times on which high activity occurs. From Monday to Friday, these are the periods from 6 am to 9 am and the evening from 5 pm to 10 pm.

The weekend is generally less suitable for targeted gathering, as there may be high numbers of players all day long.

Therefore, use the weekdays and the working hours or school hours of the other users more. As a student, you may be better able to divide your day than an office worker.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t still use this tip successfully. If you are an actual night owl anyway or have to go late to school or work the next day, the period after 11 pm is favorable.

If, on the other hand, you always have a free space during the day, you should take advantage of this opportunity. This can include breakfast and lunch breaks.

Tip 2: Predictive Troop Planning Saves Resources

Assembling your troupe will have an impact on your chances of success while farming. It is advisable to waste as few resources as possible on your own troops. There are different possibilities of favorable troop combinations.

Individual units are more suitable than others. An incredibly popular combination consists of barbarians, archers, and goblins, supplemented by wall breakers but do not have to.

As the name suggests, the wall breaker is only suitable for villages with a wall. Do without this unit and unnecessary costs if you attack villages without a protective fence.

Of course, you can clearly also put together your own resource-saving force. However, this requires some knowledge of the individual units of troops and their costs. The more experienced you are in Clash of Clans, the easier it will be for you to choose.

Cheap troops are less reliable in combat. In the event of defeats, however, you are on the safe side, as the loss of raw materials is small. Simultaneously, several defeats with low-cost troops are more resource-efficient than a failure with an expensive force at the highest level.

Moreover, a defeat with the laboriously built-up force can quickly lead to frustration. With cheap troops, it’s more relaxed overall. Even if you need numerous attempts until you can finally win, you won’t find a more efficient way.

Tip 4: Safely Recognize The Right Opponent

There are some essential things to keep in mind when choosing the right opponent. Again, the more experience you gather with opponents, the more comfortable you will find your choice.

Orient yourself to specific criteria at the beginning to find suitable players. As always, the decisive factor is the amount of raw material of the opponent. Take a look at the production buildings.

These should be completely full so that an attack is really worthwhile. One of The Most Lucrative Buildings in Clash of Clans is the Gold Mine and the Elixir Collector.

The goblins, specializing in production sites, can quickly destroy them and collect enemy resources. Besides, if the opposing player has tall buildings, he usually has only low defensive values.

Focus on the building height of defenses and town halls. If you discover town halls on the edge of the village, please attack them. For the destruction, trophies beckon, which are very valuable in the later parts of the game.

clash of clans sandbox

How To Activate The Clash Of Clans Sandbox

The Sandbox is considered a hack which is not a part of the official box, so you need to have a rooted android device or a jail broken IOS device and install the xmod games hack. You can download the xmod games hack from either the play store or the play store.

After downloading, then you can install the App on your phone.

Next, go to the xmod games App and open it, then select the clash of clans and don’t push the launch button yet lookout for the logo, which is in red at this point.

Next, click the install mod button, and after it installs, then launch it.

After the launch, you’ll see an X button, and pressing it will reveal many options on the screen.

You can then scroll down and select sandbox attack and turn this option on. You can then choose the opponent you want to attack in this practice run and then press scout.

Remember to press the scout button before each attack, or the game will try to force a live-action.


The Clash Of Clans Sandbox is an excellent way to strategize in real-time without expending any of your resources, and this is a tool that you will find very beneficial in the long term as you build your winning strategies.

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