Top 5 Dr Seuss Baby Shower Games That Your Guests Will Love-Take Downloads

Dr Seuss baby shower games are some of the most iconic and fun times you can have with your baby shower. You will have your guests entertained and nostalgic as they play along with some of their memorable books from the author.

What are the best games to play at my next baby shower?

Many people are always asking us this question, so today, we decided to highlight these games, especially geared to the Dr Seuss baby shower games.

Dr Seuss Baby Bingo Game 

This is a Dr. Seuss baby bingo game. A generator will create cards that you can personalize with any Dr. Seuss characters. You can also customize the Baby Bingo game with Mom’s name and your own choice of baby items! The Generator will then scramble items for unique cards.

Time to play: 10 minutes

Players: unlimited

Winners: 1 – 3

How to Play: Print a game card for each guest using the game card generator. Players listen for you to read clues, and then they mark the square that has the answer. For example: used at naptime to keep baby warm (blanket). Use M&M’s, candies, pennies, or even a pencil to mark squares.

Scoring: First player to have five in a row – across, up and down, or diagonal – wins. Continue to play for borders or blackout if you have multiple winners or wish to extend the game.

Dr Seuss Baby Shower Word Twist

A classic baby shower game with a Dr. Seuss twist! Guests try to make some new words using only the letters in the Dr. Seuss language twister. But why make it easy?!? Instead of the words, how about trying to personalize this game with rhyme from “Horton hears a who” or anything you might actually want! Guests really have to dig in and think when you play with this new twist!

Time to play: 3 minutes

Players: unlimited

Winners: 1

How to Play: Players are given 3 minutes to form as many words from the phrase at the top of the sheet as possible. For fun variations, make your own rules like 1) words must be 4 letters or longer, 2) words must be baby, toddler, mom and dad related, etc.

Scoring: After 3 minutes, the player with the most “real” words wins. If there is a tie, the player who has the longest word in their list wins.

Dr Seuss Mommy’s and Daddy’s Little Champion

Is the fanatic parents-to-be dreaming of their future? It’s actually never too early to start teaching the lessons of DR Seuss, and this game will get you on the right track. Mom and Dad better be ready to offer these lessons to their young ones.

Two versions of this game included one for moms and one for dads – perfect for a couple’s shower! Race to be the first to match the terms used in different competitions to their appropriate sport.

Time to play: 10 minutes

Players: unlimited

Winners: 1

How to Play: Play in teams or individually. Individuals race to be the first with the correct answers. Teams (men vs. women) compete to get correct answers. If you have more than 8 on each team, consider having more teams. Mom and Dad’s game sheets have different sports.

Scoring: Give teams 8 minutes to complete the game sheet and switch with the opposing team for scoring. Use the answer sheet to determine the correct answers. The team with the correct answers wins.

Horton Says, And An Elephant Never Forgets

Think you know Mommy the best? Well, have the guests fill out this questionnaire about the Mom-to-be and find out who really knows Mommy best. Moreover, have mummy say some cryptic words at the beginning of the party and see who remembers. Get the men to play Who Knows Daddy? – It’s the perfect game solution for a co-ed shower.

Time to play: 10 minutes

Players: unlimited

Winners: 1

How to Play: Players receive a game sheet and try to answer 10 questions about Mom-to-be (or Dad-to-be), and anything weird said at the party, while Mom (or Dad) fills out the answer sheet with the correct answers.

Scoring: The player with the most correct answers wins. If there is a tie, draw names to find a single winner.

Dr Seuss Baby’s Name Poem

Get your guests to put their creative hats on! Each can write a simple poem or haiku full of advice or even baby names. The would-be parents can have some mementos to add to the scrapbook.

Time to play: 7 minutes

Players: unlimited

Winners: 1

How to Play: Type in Baby’s name, and the game sheets are created for you. Each line starts with a letter in Baby’s name, and guests write a poem full of advice using those letters to start their sentences.

Scoring: Guests can use the best verses to add to a final edit to send Mom and Dad home. No winners, just lots of advice! This makes for a great ice-breaker.

Dr Seuss Edibles

Cat in the hat cupcakes or the typical green eggs and ham could be the perfect additions to any Dr. Seuss themed party. Customize the party by playing the How to Tastefully Package Edible Gifts Biscotts game. Get the guests to wrap their own edible gifts and see who can do it the best way. Later on, have a vote on the best wrappings, and the winner gets to choose the baby’s middle name.


A baby shower is a magical occasion for the would-be parents to prepare to bring a life into the world. It should actually be a fun and exciting experience with friends, family members, and loved ones. Using one of the most popular authors as a theme is unique and exceptional.

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