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The online gaming world dates back to 1980 with the University of Essex, England, when ARPANET was linked with this university. Two undergraduates developed a text-based adventure game of fantasy. They called it a “Multi-User Dungeon.”

Currently an internationally, famous game “Empires and Puzzles Harpoon” is touching the skies for its demands. This article is basically an add-on to its characteristics and acts as the game’s user guide.


Sonnies, with other hardcore game developers, started their game development company in 2013, and within 11 months of their establishment, they developed Empires and Puzzles Harpoon.

Recently, Empires and Puzzles Harpoon has 3 million active users (monthly), and above 15 million downloads.


To play this game, you have to make a 5-member team with the best troops associated with them.

Some crucial adventures of the game are:

  • Puzzles for Match_3
  • Pursuing challenges with alliances
  • Raids PV battles

 Launching players Algorithm

  • A brief demo of the game is shown to you(Building, mines, iron storage, resources development techniques are displayed)
    • You have to select screen format and your appearance in the game(Avatar)
    • The summon gate is shown, and the hero is to be selected
    • You have to fight a dragon with, by default, heroes in the first game
    • Then again, you have to summon an epic hero with back to summon gate having three-star(***) hero bane
    • The mission icon is to select which leads you to the map of your first war, i.e., plains of Cornelia
    • The base is to upgraded from level-1 to level-2
    • The loot plan is explained in the war area
    • You have to train recruits and build training camp(system teaches you to train)
    • The exchange hero algorithm is shown(Hero, level up a hero, ascend a hero)
    • All stages are cleared in plains of Cornelia
    • Forging and crafting items developments are shown
    • At this point, you claim for your reward
    • You check your inbox for your rewards(5 gems, crafted items, summon tokens)
    • The next province is Rat wood with level-1)

Heroes in Empires and Puzzles

The maximum number of heroes you can take in the game is 5. The number of heroes and their quality is given to you depends upon your rating in the game.

Type of Heroes

There are different types of heroes in this game based upon their skills, strength, colors.

These heroes are categorized based on colors

Red- Fire Heroes: For fighting in the fields

Purple- Dark Heroes: Night attacks and defense

Blue- Ice Heroes: Mission plans and fighting in the ice

Yellow- Holy Heroes: Specific type for Holy wars

Getting Heroes

Three methods to get heroes for the adventure

  1. Training camp method
  2. Using Various summons
  3. Map stage rewards( valid for 1 to 2 stars)

Heroes requiring a high number of stars are not necessarily adaptable for your missions in the game. You should be wise enough to understand the need and quality you require. This will increase the quality of the mission and decrease the costs as well.

Leveling up heroes

Leveling up a hero depends upon your level and awards.

You level up a hero form the leveling up button in the card. You sacrifice a hero to sacrifice for another level up a hero. 

Heroes’ exchange with the same color rewards 20% more than any non-matching heroes


  • Increase attacking and defending powers
  • Special skills increase for the game with every star in the game


On the other hand, the ascension of heroes increases the skills and powers of the existing hero. Level rests to 1 with existing new powers. Ascension cannot be possible until to reach the maximum level with this hero.

Once a hero has attained his maximum power and skills, it may promote to level up with “Hero Class” via “Talent Grid” methods.

Leveling up the Buildings

Stronghold is the primary building of your base when you get in the game with the first team. Like heroes are leveled up by the stars and rewards you gain in the game. It upgrades to the 25th level at the maximum. Leveling up increases the space to build more buildings in this by leveling up. You can level up from level-3. Here is the information about the buildings you can get from the corresponding levels.

Level No.Buildings Available
3Forge places, Food Storing area, Farm, my place
5Farm area, Iron Storing area, House area, Camp for training
8Farm area, Mine place, Iron Storing area, Forge places
10Brackets to unlock
11Farm area, Food storing area, Housing area, Camp for training
15Farm area, Mine place, Iron Storing area, Forge places
20Farm area, Food storing area, Housing area, Camp for training
21Advance buildings to unlock
22Second, advanced  farms, Mine area, Food storing places, Iron store
23Unlock to advanced stages
24Third advanced farm, Food storing area, Iron storing place
25Unlock to advanced stages

Table 1: This shows the available buildings to the respective level

Giant Harpoon

In Hunter’s Lodge, Giant Harpoon is used as a battle item. Titan parts are automatically dropped with enough usage of Giant Harpoon. The merit of the number of Harpoons needed is determined by the Titan Level.

Inviting Friends to Play

Like other video games, you can also earn rewards to make your friends play the same game. Simply, you generate the share link that is available in the menu bar and send the people who you want to play with.

The invited person can visit the link by going in inbox>invites. When they click the link and start playing on their system, then you get rewards.

When an invited person reaches a 10th-level, then the invite is successful. When he reaches 5th-level, he gets 100-gems and a VIP pass of 10-days.

Failure in Getting Rewards

This can be an issue that a person sends an invite link to his friends and but you cannot get rewards for this, or you may fail to send. There may be some reasons due to which this may happen.

  • For the invitation, the invited person should be new to the game. Already being a player cannot lead to the invitation success.
  • When the invited person gets started with your invitational link, then you get rewards. If he installs form any other source, then you will not deserve the rewards.
  • While sending the link, there may be an interruption in the link which will not work

In a word, Empires and Puzzles Harpoon is a great fun fighting game with its exclusive features and algorithms. This is adaptable to both Android and PCs with respective relevance and display.  The audience with every age limit loves to play this. The most interested audience is between the 12 to 25-year age limit.

You can complete fighting missions by getting extraordinary rewards, heroes, giant harpoons, troops in the game. With success and leveling up in this game, your level automatically boosts experienced stages and more versatile Avatars.

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