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Get Ready to How to use binocular in war thunder. War Thunder is a very interesting game both for teenagers and elders as well. It has been a beast for the Play Station and X Box One users. Today we will be discussing a very important tool of this game. The use of the Binoculars. To continue reading the article to know about some interesting tricks.

Remap Your Control Key

I think that lot of people don’t understand the potential of this tool. So, I’ll try to go as deep as possible for you to know and learn as much as possible. Binocular is a very simple tool in the game and yet a lot of people often overlook them. They mainly help you to spot your enemies easier but there a little more useful than that.

First thing first, I will suggest you remap your control key for binocular to be able to reach the button easier. By default, your binocular is mapped on ‘B’ but it’s not really handy for you to reach the ‘B’ key while you’re driving. Personally, I use the ‘A’ key. Having binocular so close to your movement keys is really enjoyable and handy when you scout target very quickly.
But there is a question. Let’s solve it.

Why Would I Use Binocular, When I Can Use My Gun Scope?

All know that gun scopes has more magnification than binocular. So there should never be a question to use binoculars rather than the gun scope. Fair enough. But I say, stop talking and listen to me carefully. Binocular are slightly better for few reasons then the gun scope.

Wider Finder View

The first reason is the fielder view. Let’s jump into the ‘Centurion MK 10’ as an example. As you can see the binocular and the gun scope have the same magnification so in deed. Why would you use one rather than the other? Let’s compare both views.

If I am a building, then I can see my targets, but my fielder view is restricted by the black circle, so I need to turn right or left every time to view more, which is very bad. On the other hand, if I use my binoculars, I have a much wider fielder view and I can scan a wider area without having to turn my mouse. So here, Binoculars-1, Gun Scope-0.

Fast Moving

Some of you may say, well easy, I just have to play the Japanese type 89. The scope fielder view is a whole screen, I have a great zoom to scope further targets. Okay sure, that could work except for another important mechanics. Try this at home. When aiming with your gun scope, try to turn 90 degrees to your left or right as fast as you can.

Now try with your binocular. As we can see the scope is limited by the screen and you can’t turn it as fast as you can. The binocular on the opposite is limited by the size of your mouse pad and your mouse sensitivity.

The front fact you can accelerate how fast you can turn with your binocular by holding the free look key which is ‘C’ by default also thanks to the free look key you can aim your binocular without even having to turn your gun just roughly aim in free look as if the wide radical was in the middle of your screen and press the binocular key. Cool Right!

Higher Elevation Angles

Finally, your scoped elevation is limited by the elevation of your gun. If your gun cannot go lower, your scope also won’t. The binocular has much higher elevation angles, which will be perfect when pairing with the next point.

As you just saw the fielder view of the binocular and how quickly can turn your camera is a pretty big advantage for them.

Even sometimes, the magnification is less than on your scope I assure you that sometimes it’s better to take a step back to see the bigger picture and have 20 times magnifications on a very small area. Even if sometimes it can prove to be useful. But binoculars have another asset on their sleeve. The binocular view is placed on the top of the commando scapula which means that you can literally see any spy people while being behind the ridgeline without even being noticed or shot.

The Binocular Shot

Lastly the final advantage of binoculars. This one is very interesting. You will thank me e for teaching the trick to you. After years of years playing ‘War-Thunder’, I always never see people pulling this trick. Even if it’s extremely useful. Do you know what ‘Binocular Shot’ is?

Let me explain. On very rare occasions when you are posted on the ridgeline and when using a gun with a relatively low muzzle velocity e and your target is far enough, you can pull off what is called binocular shot. As I mentioned that the binocular view is placed on top of the commando scapula above your tank. By zeroing your gun at the correct shot distance it is possible that you are gun will shoot about the ridge but your shell will drop enough to hit your target. It seems it’s quite rare to pull off this technique.

How To Use Binocular In War Thunder

The Swedish SAV is a very good example of this trick. Its main shell has low enough muzzle velocity to drop quickly and it’s a relatively low tank. So, even more, efficient for this task. Stay behind the ridgeline and let’s think of shooting a house. It can be about a thousand meters away from you. So, you first have to zero your gun.

But after doing so, you cannot see the house in your scope. But thanks to the placement of the binocular because you can see through the binocular over the ridgeline. Also, know that the gun radicle is showing over the ridgeline. You just have to aim at the house with your binocular, click on the fire button, maintain it and go out of the binocular view. Then hit the fire button and that’s all. Well, That’s pretty much it guys.

How To Use Binoculars In War Thunder

Final Words

The person who knows the proper use of all tools of a game can surely be a better player than others. Using the binocular properly in the game can help you winning crucial matches in the game. So, follow the procedures mentioned above and enjoy your game.

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